EXCLUSIVE: The World’s End set photos

Some times living in a small town has its perks. The filming of ‘The World’s End’ started here in September, If you haven’t heard of the film yet where have you been? The film is the third in the ‘Three Flavour’s Cornetto Trilogy’ Which sees Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Edgar Wright combine their talents to create a movie about an Epic pub crawl and the end of the world.

With the majority of the shoot being at night we unfortunately don’t have any photos of the cast on set but we do have some cool photos of the venues and locations used. some of which are almost unrecognisable at first glance due to the changes made for the movie.

On a drive I took a few evenings ago I have more of  an insight in to what the film entails. An alien invasion occurs whilst the group of friends are on their pub crawl which leads to lots of running around, car stunts and shouting. I also managed to take a sneaky look at the invaders and I must say  the Aliens look pretty cool and like something you’d find in a Doctor Who episode.

Here are a few snaps of some of the Venues from Letchworth Garden City.

The Good Companions (Letchworth Garden City – Wendy’s shop, Leys Avenue)
The Trusty Servant (Letchworth Garden City – The Three Magnets pub, Leys Avenue)

The Two Headed Dog (Letchworth Garden City – The Colonnade pub, Eastcheap)

The Mermaid (Letchworth Garden City – Broadway Cinema)

The Beehive (Letchworth Garden City – Thai Garden Restaurant)

The King’s Head (Letchworth Garden City – The Arena Tavern, Arena Parade.)
The Hole in the Wall (Letchworth Garden City – Letchworth Railway Station)

The World’s End (Letchworth Garden City – The Gardner’s Arms)
This pub is a little out of the way, so unfortunately I was unable to snap a picture of it.

MISC Set Photos

Last week the cast of the film switched on the Lethworth Garden City Christmas lights as a thank you for us allowing them to use the town and postpone our normal light switch on ceremony by a few weeks.

U.K release date is scheduled for 14 August 2013.

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